Titli- The Metamorphic


And just when she thought the world was over , she became a butterfly and is her own kind of beautiful.

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The gender journey of a trans woman like a caterpillar to be a butterfly. A beautiful, courageous and loving butterfly who is chasing the happiness and fluttering for eternity. What the butterfly symbolizes is transformation or metamorphosis. Basically a butterfly starts life in one stage, cocoons itself and while in that cocoon transforms into the beautiful insect that breaks out of it and becomes the winged creature you see fluttering around. In a sense the transitions of transpeople are analogous.  We start our lives in our birth gender presentation and body configuration, go through transition, and then exit the other side of our transitions as the beautiful people we always were with the gender identification and body finally matching for us to happily live our lives.

USPS qualified size. Expected shipping by end of April 2021.Unique original color pencil drawing on paper, without frame, and multicolor. Fully protected to protect original art. Real drawing may differ from the image. Size : Length – 11.7 in, Width – 16.5 in

High quality, full-color, original

Made in India

About the Artist

An artist who remains anonymous to the world, for transcending gender boundaries and expressions have proven rather unsafe for them. Please appreciate and support their art.



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