Roshni- The Illuminated


The resilience of love, light and acceptance is most forgiving for all the pain endured.

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The surreal portrayal of a transgender woman’s journey, her “fish” hands symbolize the love she puts out to the outer world while the the axe symbolizes the discrimination and pain she has to endure in this world for her gender identity. The arc lights engulfing her silhouette stands for her resilience of hope, love and empathy.

USPS qualified size. Expected shipping by end of April 2021.Unique original color pencil drawing on paper, without frame, and multicolor. Fully protected to protect original art. Real drawing may differ from the image. Size : Length – 11.7 in, Width – 16.5 in

High quality, full-color, original

Made in India

About the Artist

An artist who remains anonymous to the world, for transcending gender boundaries and expressions have proven rather unsafe for them. Please appreciate and support their art.



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