Anjana- an artist who remains anonymous to the world, for transcending gender boundaries and expressions have proven rather unsafe for them. Please appreciate and support their art depicting gender journeys.

In their words:
“I am a self taught artist. I have been interested in arts and craft since my childhood. I identified myself openly as a queer person in my adolescent age, and showing my creativity with colors came very naturally to me to express my struggles as a gender fluid person. But unfortunately I was not encouraged to pursue my art because I come from a lower middle class in Indian society, where earning for one’s livelihood is more important than pursuing your passion & the social stigma around trans people. After my graduation, I had done various jobs but still continued my passion for art and always took out time for my art. I will be able to do justice to my art and took up community related work. This way I would be able to be closely associated with the community while working for them and also express our trans struggles through my art. “