Our Story

Welcome to Parivar Bazaar, a labor of resilience that focuses on the ability to survive and thrive despite marginalization and oppression.The journey to be seen, heard, included, and to be able to live continues for many Trans people in this world. 

Parivaar Bazaar literally translates to ‘family market’ and we are here to offer you an opportunity to buy with intention and purpose from our community of South Asian Trans Folx. Our mission is to remove Trans stigmas by showcasing our capabilities, entrepreneurial spirit, and ability to thrive. With humble beginnings, members of our community have rebuilt their lives by learning how to paint, stitch, cook, and foster a livelihood. With minimal opportunities available to our community, South Asian Trans Folx have been sourcing clothing and jewellery to sell, running tea stalls, crafting accessories, and creating art to sustain themselves for decades. The pandemic has impacted our community greatly by leaving many starving without any means of supporting themselves. Due to these challenges, Parivar Bazaar has come to life with a vision to scale our grassroots way of living to a revenue stream that supports South Asian Trans Folx by providing solutions for us to help sustain ourselves in the long term.

During the pandemic, our community has rebuilt, and developed our trade skills and worked diligently to curate the collection of items that are available to you on this site. We have hand selected and sourced each of the clothing, accessories, and home decor items we have made available  to you. Members of our community have also handcrafted many of the items that are available on the site. For instance, each of the paintings are drawn by Trans artists depicting their journeys. A story of our courage, resilience, liberation & anguished cries for equity is infused into each one of the pieces of art. Our products are offered to you by Aravani Art Project, MoitriSanjog and TransVision communities. Each of these organizations is a part of a grassroots movement to build capability within Trans communities.